Who will win Big Brother 2017? Latest odds and predictions

There are now 10 housemates left in the Channel 5 competition.

Who will win Big Brother 2017?

Chanelle McCleary is the bookies’ favourite to win this year’s reality show, with SkyBet giving her odds of 11/4.

The fiery 24-year-old has caused several stirs in the Big Brother house and was previously kicked off Ex on the Beach after just one episode. Raph Korine currently has 3/1 odds, with Ellie Young, 23, at 7/2 odds.

Big Brother fans have called Ellie to be removed from the house last night after they believed she touched Tom Barber “inappropriately” during the episode.

Next up is Kieran Lee, with odds of 11/2, followed by Isabelle Warburton at 8/1. Big Brother 2017 latest winner odds from SkyBet:

Chanelle McCleary 11/4

Raph Korine 3/1

Ellie Young 7/2

Kieran Lee 11/2

Isabelle Warburton 8/1

Deborah Agboola 11/1

Charlotte Keys 28/1

Tom Barber 33/1

Hannah Agboola 33/1

Joe Quaranta 50/1Who is up for eviction on Big Brother 2017 this week?

Charlotte Keys, Joe Quaranta and Tom Barber face eviction this week after being nominated by the other housemates.

Bookies suspect Joe will leave the house this week, with bet365 giving him eviction odds of 8/15.

Arthur, Imran, Kayleigh, Lotan, Mandy, Rebecca, Savannah and Sukhvinder have already left the Big Brother house.

The date for the Big Brother 2017 final has not yet been confirmed.

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