Apple’s iPhone 5 vs Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Matt Warman says that while the new iPhone 5 offers improvements over its predecessor, “by common consensus” rival mobile manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are offering phones almost as good as, or better according to some, than the Apple device.

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the iPhone 5, the most obvious difference at first glance is the iPhone’s smaller screen, and its solid-feeling glass and metal feel in contrast with the Galaxy S3’s heavier use of plastic in its construction.

But the real distinctions lie in the software, which illustrates the “fundamental difference of approach” between Samsung and Apple.

Whereas the iPhone 5 requires users to go into their apps to use them, the Galaxy S3 has more “widgets” directly on the home screen, allowing owners to access tools like Google Plus, the built-in torch as well as their own email inbox. It also offers NFC technology, allowing people to send digital data to other smartphones via Android Beam.

Apple has taken the view that it is best to refine and improve the traditional features and functions of the iPhone.